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Hi, this is CA Afzal Lokhandwala. I am a stock trader. I created a record in 2022 by becoming the first Indian to win the USIC Trading Championship with a staggering 447% return.

Here are a few points about my trading system and why Champions Club is special:

• We only trade stocks, we do not trade options.

• We do swing trading (hold fast-moving stocks for a few weeks), we do not trade intraday.

• By spending less than 1 hour on screen, we get to enjoy other things and sleep well.

• We are risk managers, and not gamblers. We stay fearless and under control.

• Minimum time and minimum risk helps us remain stress-free.

I strongly advise ordinary traders to avoid intraday or options trading due to their low success rates. Most successful traders with a long-term track record have made it big in stocks, not options.

Stock trading is beginner friendly and you don’t have to learn any Greeks or complicated things.
It’s the best vehicle for busy people as it doesn’t take much time – everyone can do it.

Inside my telegram channel, I openly share my thoughts on stocks and the market, offering insights into my own trades, both the wins and losses.

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