By CA Afzal Lokhandawala

Are you one of these ?

I am a Beginner and I want a learn step by step process of Stock Markets

I am an Intermediate and I know the basic but I want to learn the complete technical analysis. 

I am an Experienced trader for more than 2 years but still struggling to find an edge and handle my psychology. I want to sharpen my skills to enhance profitablity.

What You’ll Learn in This Course:

Learn how to interpret what the charts whisper using Technical Analysis

The hardcore secret of the 2% successful stock market traders revealed. It is Risk Management – Managing your Money

Learn how to keep your emotions under check using Afzal Lokhandwala’s exclusive Trading Psychology Mastery Guide.

Start Trading in Equities, Commodities, Forex, Crypto with a Discretionary Trading Approach involving Intraday, Swing, and Positional Style.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Getting Started with Charting Platform

• Opening a Free Account
• Optimal Configuration

Module 2: Trading Psychology

• Importance
• Interference of Emotions
• Controlling your Emotions
• Self-Awareness Mastery

Module 3: Risk Management

• Why You Can Never Lose?
• Position Sizing
• Risk Reward Ratio
• Trade Journal

Module 4: Support and Resistance - The Crux

• Meaning and Psychology
• Drawing Them The Right Way
• Polishing Is The Key.

Module 5: Candlesticks – The Right Approach

• Why You Should Never Memorise Patterns?
• Rejecting Candle (RC)
• Covering Candle (CC)
• Squeezing Candles (SC)

Module 6: Trend Lines

• For Trend Identification
• As Support and Resistance
• As a Reversal Indicator

Module 7: Fibonacci

• As a SR Booster
• Magic of 0.618

Module 8: Exponential Moving Average

• For Trend Identification
• As Support and Resistance
• As SR Booster

Module 9: Chart Patterns – Unconventional Approach

• Continuation and Reversal
• Triangles
• Wedges
• Tops and Bottoms
• Head and Shoulders

Module 10: The Opportunity – Conflux

• Using Multiple Time Frames
• Combining All The Ingredients
• Taking a High Probability Trade
• Intraday, Swing and Positional Setups

Feedback from Learners

About CA Afzal Lokhandwala


Afzal Lokhandwala is a Chartered Accountant by qualification, Technical Analyst by interest and a Discretionary Trader by profession. He is in stock markets since 2015.

Being aware of the widespread deception being faced by retail traders over the internet, he is committed to providing enriching education at an affordable cost to transform a beginner into an absolute professional trader. He has trained over 1000 traders in a very short span of time.

He has acquired immense respect for being a very transparent trader as he shares his chart analysis, trades them and shares the results with utmost honesty on social media, thereby showcasing the real picture of trading.


When we talk about Stock Markets, there are two ways of analysing a stock: Fundamental and Technical Analysis. Fundamental is about analysing the Financial Statements and other things which requires certain financial knowledge. On the other hand, Technical Analysis is about interpreting just the charts over a period of time and anticipating the future move.

We try to find out what the markets are telling us through the charts. So, you do not need any prior knowledge or degree to learn Technical Analysis. Do checkout my YouTube channel to know more.

You can work from anywhere, answer to nobody, manage no people, no meetings, no office timings, no machinery except laptop and internet, go on a holiday anytime, no tension of economy, inflation or deflation and most importantly, you can trade till your last breath. But this independence comes with the right guidance and your efforts. I find Trading to be the best profession one can be in.

You can expect yourself to come out as a consistent and a profitable trader but only if you follow the contents with discipline. The methods will enable you to analyse the markets in the evening and take trades during the markets. It is suitable for working people aspiring to be traders as well as those aspiring to be full time traders. The course lays down both positional as
well as intraday techniques with lots and lots of live market examples.

If you give 5 hours to it every week, you will be able to complete the course along with homework in 1 month. The videos will have a lifetime validity and can be accessed from a mobile phone or a laptop.

You will be given the videos which can be viewed either on your Android or Windows PC. Separate videos are available in Hindi and English. Videos are valid for lifetime and can be downloaded.

Anyone with a sound mind can learn. Yes, I mean it. How about this? I have seen many doctors, architects and engineers in their
50s leaving their jobs and switching to Stock Markets. Using Technical Analysis, we are learning how to interpret the charts and not Balance Sheets. So, you do not need any specific financial knowledge. Just participate in the learning process with an open mind. Do the homework I give. You will find this easy and exciting.

Yes, you can. To start off, you can read “Technical Analysis” by John Murphy.

The problem is there are thousands of books and YouTube videos available and not all the theories work as they are. It will take you months to judge what works and what doesn’t and probably, years to establish a grip over your trading. The course will shorten your learning period greatly by filtering out unwanted stuff and only focusing on what actually works in the markets.

There are many courses available in market that spend too much time in theories but the reality is none of that stuff actually matters. What matters is just the charts. So, you will find plenty of practical market examples in this course.

The bitter truth is that almost 90% of the traders are just gambling and that is why, they are losing. You will learn how to take calculated risks based on what the charts are telling us and completely separate yourself from the other traders. You will start understanding what the charts are speaking. You will be among the pros who keep pulling out money from the markets CONSISTENTLY.

There are three pillars for being a successful trader:

Technical Analysis, Trading Psychology and Risk Management.

Without either of this, you cannot become a successful trader. Don’t you hear people losing huge amounts in stock markets? The primary reason is they have no risk management system in place. But, we will have such a strong system that only if you lose 100 trades CONSECUTIVELY, you will lose your capital. Even if you toss a coin 100 times, it is statistically impossible to get tails 100 times. In trading, you have an advantage that you can analyse charts. So, your accuracy is already above 50% if you analyse in the right manner.

 I want to share the TRUTH about this. Let’s take an example. Suppose you have trading capital of Rs. 1 Lakhs. On each trade, you risk 1% i.e. Rs. 1,000. Your Risk Reward Ratio is 1:1.5. So, on each trade, you set your target to earn Rs. 1,500 by taking a risk of Rs. 1,000. If a trade goes right, you earn Rs. 1,500 and if it goes wrong, you lose Rs. 1,000.

Let’s say in a month, you take 20 trades. Here are the results (FOR ONE MONTH):

Surprised? Which business in the world has such potential? Even if you toss a coin, you have 50% probabilities (accuracy) each side. No analysis can be made in coin toss. But, in stock markets, through Technical Analysis, we can raise our accuracy above 50% easily and make outstanding returns. The SECRET is Risk Management which I have briefly shown you here and we cover it in depth in our course. This is the secret of the 1% successful traders.

The methods will work on all time frames. The course will cover intraday, swing and positional methods. No trading style is the best. You have to identify which style suits your personality and you will be able to take that decision easily through this course.

It’s absolutely fine. I, being a Chartered Accountant, am engaged in multiple activites apart from trading. When I get time during the markets, I do intraday trading. When I don’t get time, I switch to positional trading. FYI, in positional trading, you need to do your analysis in evening and take a trade during the markets, set target and stop loss orders and forget it!

If you ask me, I love positional trading more than intraday.

I feel a person should have minimum Rs. 50,000 to start off trading. With a lesser capital, you will not be able to get into multiple trades simultaneously.

Honestly, I spend just 30 minutes everyday after the markets. Sometimes, even less than that. But initially, you should give as much time as you can to charts. Believe me, the results will be worth. For intraday trading, you need to be more active during market hours. For positional trading, you just need to spend few minutes during the market hours to place your orders because you have already analysed the charts on the previous day and have set alerts which notifies you to take trades.

I find this word “tips” very cheap. This word is responsible for huge wealth destruction of many small traders. My intention is to make you so powerful that can generate “tips” for yourself and you do not need me or any other analyst. We will be sharing trading ideas often. In case of any queries, you can mail me.

No, this is a recorded video course so that you can watch at your convenience. However, we do conduct live webinars to discuss trade opportunities and solve queries. Click on this LINK to watch webinars.

Technical Analysis works with anything which can be plotted on charts. You can trade on Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Derivatives, etc. Let’s say, after the course, if anybody asks you about your views on Gold, Crude, etc, you will give be capable enough to do your analysis on it and even trade yourself. Options are just one of the instruments to trade. Based on the analysis you perform on charts, you can take trades even in options.

TRUST is the crux of the relationship between a mentor and a student. I suggest you to keep a track of my Telegram Channel (To join, search “Afzal Lokhandwala” in your Telegram App). Watch my YouTube videos. You can also have a look at course reviews by learners by clicking on this LINK. I suggest you to take the course only after you are convinced enough.

To be honest, I have not read a single book on stock markets FULLY. I start a book, read few pages, and start looking at charts. I take up another book, read few pages and again go back to charts. Then, I stopped wasting money on books. I was lucky I did not attend any 2 days workshops which promise guaranteed returns. So, my learning comes mainly from chart observations. That is why, you will find that the techniques in my course are unique and would not be found anywhere else. The flexibility of techniques will also enable you to create your own trading plan which will be ONLY YOURS.

You can get a refund if you have not downloaded the videos.

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