CA Afzal Lokhandwala
CA Afzal Lokhandwala
Transforming beginners into independent part-time traders for consistent income and massive wealth creation.

Best known for his transparency about his stock trading journey, CA Afzal Lokhandwala is India's most-followed stock trader on Twitter and runs a very productive FREE telegram channel with more than 65,000 members. He trains busy working people as well as aspiring stock traders to trade profitably in the stock market. He says, "My strategy is super easy. Anybody can learn and execute. I have many old grandpas in my community performing great!"

He started his journey into stock market trading in 2014, and it took him more than five years of back-breaking struggle to taste some success. Fast forward to now, he is a very successful active swing trader having a well-defined and robust strategy.

Having been a victim of unqualified tip providers and trainers who sell unrealistic dreams, he started showing his profits as well as losses openly in public through his open telegram channel to protect beginners from vague assumptions that stock trading is some get-rich-quick scheme.

His honesty and transparency garner huge trust from over 6 Lakh people on Twitter and Telegram.

He is the pioneer of the "DONATE-TO-LEARN" concept where he accepts his fees via donation. Instead of paying him, learners can donate the fees to a charitable trust and participate in his program. In that way, many of his fees go straight to good causes. 

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