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*Mr. Afzal became the #1 ranked trader in the world after winning the 2022 USIC Trading Competition. The United States Investing Championship (USIC) is a real money verified competition for traders around the world wanting to prove themselves. Prior winners include top traders like Paul Tudor Jones, Mark Minervini, David Ryan, Dr. Edward O. Thorpe, and Marty Schwartz, making it the most prestigious trading competition since its inception in 1983.

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Why Join CTM

Are you looking for someone to hand-hold you to trading success?

“There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.”

That’s exactly what Champion Trader Mentorship is.

The program where decades happen.

You know the #1 shortcut to trading success is NOT some secret “indicator” or “insider info”.

It is to find a mentor who has achieved what you want to achieve.

Then, you stick by him… learn everything you can from him… and implement everything he teaches you as fast as you can.

Do this, and you’ll save years of frustrating trial and error.

A whole decade.

The truth is…

In trading, learning from a mentor saves you lakhs of rupees and 10 years of your life.

Those who try to trade by themselves will make mistake after mistake.

They’ll go down a journey of trial and error only to learn lessons in the market the hard way…

And 99% of the time, they’ll end up making huge losses and quit markets altogether.

Those who learn from a mentor, on the other hand, get a clear path forward to achieving their financial goals.

Every person who has ever found the right mentor knows how different life would be if they never found him.

What if you didn’t have to go through countless teachers, courses, and videos, to get the key to trading success? What if you could be mentored directly by a proven trading champion, gaining regular access to his insights and experience? And what if you could be at the center of a thriving club of champion traders that are on the same path of excellence as you?

This is exactly what you get in Champion Trader Mentorship: direct access to Mr. Afzal and an inner circle of successful traders personally coached by Champions Club founder Afzal Lokhandwala. 

Discover his championship-winning techniques for finding, entering, and exiting trades. And get his personal guidance in implementing a trading system and mindset that’s transformed his own results along with several of his students.

Engage in private encounters with Mr. Afzal, which include live trading sessions, live Q&As, and his market commentary. You can witness how he runs his scanners, shortlists stocks, and identifies the best opportunities to trade; all LIVE in the market.

Also, interact with other champion traders sharing charts, insights, and personal trades in the private group.

The result? Fast learning, fewer mistakes, and increased profits as a trader.

Whether you’re already a fan of Afzal or simply passionate about achieving trading success, Champion Trading Mentorship is the perfect program to take your trading skills to the next level and achieve consistent profits in the market.



The Power of Mentorship: Why Learning from a Champion Can Make All the Difference

What if you were interested in becoming a basketball player and Michael Jordan- the champion himself offered to mentor you…

Would you take it? Or would you still settle for less and choose someone else who has no verified record of being a master?

You’d go with Jordan, without a doubt.


What would you choose if you were looking to master any craft?

Two days of seminars OR Two years practicing alongside a great coach?

For sure, you’ll choose 2 years of coaching where you learn, apply, interact and get feedback; versus 2 days of seminars that cannot create champions.

And that’s because you have a 100x higher chance of succeeding when you get to practice the craft for 2 years in a great environment versus 2 days of passive learning.

Champion Trader Mentorship was born to give you the best chance and offer both of the below:

  • Mr. Afzal, a verified trading champion, becomes your coach.
  • Get mentored for TWO YEARS to ensure you come out as a champion trader.

If you are serious about trading, you would not like to miss this opportunity. As a member, not only do you get his Champion Trader Course but also private access to:

Live Scanning Sessions

See behind the scenes of how Mr. Afzal scans the market and evaluates setups.

Mentoring Sessions

Meet Mr. Afzal over Zoom sessions for Q&A and discussion.

Private Community

Become a member of Champions Club where you get to interact with committed traders through a private Telegram group.

Team Trading

Trade together as a TEAM. Since everyone follows the same strategy, often many members and Mr. Afzal end up trading the same stocks. 

the Three Pillars of Trading Success:
The Little-Known Key To Lifelong Profits

CTC Shows You The Three Key Pillars That Will Make You A Champion Trader:

A Winning Strategy

You’ll get a proven technical analysis-based trading strategy with an edge in the markets.

Managing Risk

You’ll be able to apply the correct risk management rules to minimise losses.

Mastering Your Mindset

You’ll not do emotional or hope trading. You'll develop the mindset of a champion trader.

Mr. Afzal has perfected a step-by-step process to master each of these three pillars. It’s a proven system that has already transformed countless traders. And now for the first time after winning last year’s championship, he is bringing this powerful system to you through this course.

Once you begin, you’ll discover that being a champion trader is not about luck or natural talent. It’s about getting better and mastering each pillar. And when start making money through these strong pillars, you’ll start experiencing money and life in a whole new way.

Course Structure

Champion Trader Mentorship takes you on a journey toward setting the foundation for lifelong success in trading. Unlike most programs that teach multiple strategies, Mr. Afzal firmly believes that you only need to MASTER ONE STRATEGY to succeed in the market.

Over the years, he has continually worked and perfected his single strategy, which has proven to be the best in the world, and now he’s offering you the chance to have it for yourself.

The lessons are divided into 11 modules. The program features lessons from Afzal himself, as he guides you through a series of videos and practical exercises designed to help you achieve mastery of each key skill.

Additionally, each month, you’ll receive three live sessions, totalling 120+ sessions over the course of the program to ensure you gain practical knowledge of current markets.

By the end of the program, you’ll become a champion trader, having mastered a winning strategy, developed a strong mindset, and put risk management in place. With the guidance of a master and the community of champions, you won’t have to spend countless frustrating hours learning how to trade profitably. You’ll be ahead of 99% of people in the world and all set to create the wealth you’ve always planned for.

Most traders fail because they have unrealistic expectations about their returns and lack knowledge of the statistical aspects of successful trading. Discover key expectancy and intensity metrics behind achieving high performance. This course will teach you the art of position sizing that deals with “How much to buy/sell?” Learn to act like a casino instead of a gambler, and eliminate fear or stress from your trading.

  • Brutal facts about losses
  • Importance of Stop Loss for risk control.
  • Position Sizing Formula & Capital Allocation
  • Balancing Risk Reward Ratio & Win Rate
  • Capital, Account Value, Exposure, ROI, Leverage
  • Expectancy Metrics
  • Intensity Metrics
  • Open Risk Matrix
  • Significance of market conditions
  • Robust Risk Management Rules
  • Setting standard metrics
  • Compounding quarterly for high performance
  • Metrics behind triple-digit returns.

The internet is flooded with complex, irrational, and useless trading theories that cause traders to waste years trying and failing. Afzal focuses on providing a solid foundation in technical analysis for beginners, by teaching them logical and effective concepts. We will eliminate over 98% of the concepts that are either ineffective or not useful for us. Our approach is to keep things simple and focus on price/volume interpretation, breakouts, volatility, and essential chart patterns.

  • Technical Analysis and its effectiveness
  • Our approach to Technical Analysis
  • Types of charts and their interpretation
  • How price moves in auction mechanism
  • Types of orders and their practical application
  • Significance of Supports and Resistances in trading
  • Examples of Supports and Resistances in real-world scenarios
  • Interpretation of candlesticks without memorizing patterns
  • Understanding volatility through TRP indicator
  • Importance of volume analysis
  • Identification and analysis of pivotal candles using TRP and volumes
  • Correct identification of breakouts and breakdowns
  • Essential chart patterns to look for in trading

Most traders understand trends in a very theoretical manner that holds no value in practical life. You will learn about the four distinct stages of a stock’s lifecycle and the characteristics of each stage. You’ll learn how to decode activities of the big players to identify explosive stocks in both bull and bear markets. You’ll be able to form a high-probability opinion on any stock within a minute with the help of charts.

  • The four stages of the market and their characteristics
  • Quick scan using moving averages
  • Volume transitions, bases, and breakouts
  • Tops, bottoms, and trends
  • Decoding big players’ actions
  • Lots of practical examples

Most traders do not have a clear set of rules for their trades, leading to emotional decision-making and ultimately, failure. Afzal shares his exact criteria for buying and selling explosive stocks before they breakout with absolute clarity, allowing you to capture both quick swings and larger trends in the market. Learn to trade stocks that move by 20% and more in just a few weeks. This course places a special emphasis on effective exits, setting it apart from others that leave the decision up to students with little guidance. In reality, making exit decisions is more challenging and crucial than making entry decisions. Afzal’s strategy involves trading only in the last half an hour of the trading session making it a stress-free experience. With the help of Afzal’s custom scanners and trading routine, you can trade effectively in less than 60 minutes a day.

  • What is Swing Trading
  • Technical parameters for stock selection
  • Liquidity
  • Buying Before the Breakout
  • Entry Triggers and Methods
  • Setting Stop Loss
  • Mathematical, Extensions, and Weakness Exits
  • Exit Guidelines
  • Discretionary Elements

Put theory into action as Afzal takes you through detailed trade examples to simulate the setup as if it was real-time. Explore minute details as he walks you through entries and exits without any hindsight bias. Learn various concepts like:

  • Base-on-base
  • Mini Base Breakout
  • Relative Volume Analysis
  • Wake-up Calls
  • Climax
  • Mega Extensions
  • Earnings Shock
  • Earnings Turnaround
  • Wavy Bottom Pattern
  • Flush
  • Extended Entries

Most traders have no routine to follow everyday and indulge in random actions at random times. Incorporate Afzal’s Champion Trading Routine into your daily schedule, which requires less than 30 minutes of your time.  Get specific things to do at specific times to cover your entire trading process right from evaluating market conditions and shortlisting stocks to trade executions and trade logging.

  • During Market Routine: Trade Management and Executions.
  • Post Market Routine: Scanning, Shortlisting, and Tracking.
  • Weekend Routine: Performance Review and Historical Study.
  • Evaluating Market Conditions and Determining Market Stance.
  • Using Custom Scanners To Save A Lot Of Time
  • Watchlists: Know the exact watchlists to maintain.
  • Trackers: Recording significant market action in our sheets.
  • Journal: Track, Measure and Improve with the powerful in-house journal.

Most traders fail to recognise that the majority of their trading decisions are based on emotions rather than logic, which can lead to significant losses. With practical examples, Afzal will train you how to recognize and manage emotions such as fear, hope, greed, anger, revenge, ego, biases, and more in different situations. Grab Afzal’s Champion Mindset Affirmations to stay disciplined and act logically in any conditions whatsoever.

  • Significance of psychological understanding in trading.
  • Why the “Logic” wins, and “Emotion” loses.
  • How to always be self-aware
  • Discussion on each emotion: fear, hope, greed, anger, patience, FOMO, etc.
  • Champion Mindset Affirmations for everyday

Short Selling is an approach to making money in falling stocks. It involves selling the stock first in Futures and buying it back later at a lower price. Master the rules of entries, stop losses and exits to trade with clarity.

  • What is short selling
  • When to use this setup
  • Introduction to Futures segment
  • The underlying logic of the setup
  • Characteristics of a weak stock
  • Confirmation signals to sell
  • Exit methodology to maximise risk-reward
  • Using custom scanners to save a lot of time
  • Practical trade examples.

Explore sophisticated strategies for exceptional performance. Learn to leverage effectively, fine-tune entries using lower timeframes, and master the art of pyramiding.

  • Leverage Fundamentals
  • The Significance of Leverage in a Strong Market
  • Acquiring Leverage: Methods and Tools
  • Fine-Tuning Entries with Lower Timeframes
  • Mastering Pyramiding Strategies
  • Utilizing the Pyramid Calculator

CA Afzal Lokhandwala

Afzal Lokhandwala is a stock trader since 2016. With over 8 years of experience, he is now a recognized stock trading champion having won the US Investing Championship in 2022. He founded the champions club with a mission of helping people trade like himself – the champion’s way. With over 2200 people having gone through his programs and over 800,000 followers on social media, Afzal has made a name for himself in the trading community.

Unlike many traders who focus on options and intraday trading, Afzal’s trading system is built around low-stress stock trading with minimal screen time. Afzal strongly advises traders to avoid intraday or options trading due to their low success rates. Most of the real successful traders with a long-term track record have made it big in stocks, not options. Don’t believe the trading success stories on social media.

Afzal’s trading system is objective and involves no complex financial analysis, making it accessible to anyone serious about achieving success in the stock market. He proved the effectiveness of his trading system with a record-breaking return of 447% in 2022 to win the USIC World Trading Championship . In 2023, he clinched the 2nd place with another stellar performance of 500% and set a two-year world record.

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What’s Included in CTM

Trading System

Swing Trading, and Short Selling.
10 Modules | 11+ Hours
Available in Hindi & English


Lifetime access to scanners, indicators and tracking sheets to ensure you have everything that's required.


Get 2 years of transformative support and handholding to become a champion.

Live Sessions

Over 120 Live Interactive Sessions

Community Chat

2 years of access to Champions Club Community Group. Ask your queries, trade together & make friends.

Transformation after cTM


Become a Sharp Chart Reader

By the time you complete CTM,  your eyes will be trained to see what Afzal sees. You’ll start to see things that most traders don’t even after years of experience. You’ll get to uncover and learn all his tactics via his intense sessions. You’ll gain the ability to analyse any chart in less than a minute and form a high-probability view.

Become an All-Rounder

Become a versatile trader who can make money in all market conditions – bull or bear using long and short strategies. With two years of mentorship, navigate through different market conditions with Mr. Afzal. 

Become a Champion Trader

Mr. Afzal will rewire how you think, see and operate as a trader. The result: You’ll trade like a champion for lifelong. Minimum time spent, minimum stress and maximum performance as you’ll always be in control. You’ll gain independence as a trader as you keep crushing and trade profitably till you die without being dependent on anyone.


Become a Sharp Chart Reader

By the time you complete CTM, your eyes will be trained to see what Afzal sees. You’ll start to see things that most traders don’t even after years of experience. You’ll get to uncover and learn all his tactics via his intense sessions. You’ll gain the ability to analyse any chart in less than a minute and form a high-probability view.​

Become An All-Rounder

Become a versatile trader who can make money in all market conditions - bull or bear using long and short strategies. With two years of mentorship, navigate through different market conditions with Mr. Afzal.

Become A Champion Trader

Mr. Afzal will rewire how you think, see and operate as a trader. The result: You’ll trade like a champion for lifelong. Minimum time spent, minimum stress and maximum performance as you’ll always be in control. You’ll gain independence as a trader as you keep crushing and trade profitably till you die without being dependent on anyone.


It's been 4 years since I have been trading with Afzal Sir's swing trading system. I must say I am generating consistent profits with this system. This year I have made 70% ROI. It has increased my confidence drastically about making money from markets. Usually, trading seems very easy in bull market but what about bear market? A trader should have system for bear phase also. I am thankful to Afzal Sir for teaching me when to trade and how to deal in every phase of market especially during weak markets, how to protect what you have made and how to recognise weak markets.

Meet Virwadia

Equity Analyst & Fund Manager

Surat, Gujarat

I have been associated with Afzal Sir for over two years. The journey has been excellent. He has given us his complete trading system. I have earned nearly 90-95% returns over the past 13 months. I am now trading with a capital of ₹ 20 Lacs.

Devansh Babaria

Family Business

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Being involved in the diamond and jewellery business, I've often contemplated additional avenues for passive income, which led me to explore stock market trading. After enrolling in Afzal Sir's course, I noticed a significant shift in my trading approach. I learned to manage my emotions, exit trades when the stop loss is hit, and understand trading psychology, and dealing positively along with other emotional factors, which contributed to positive changes in my result. Over the span of 8 months. from June 2023 to February 2024, I was able to appreciate my capital by 50%, boosting my confidence in trading successfully. I am truly grateful to Afzal Sir for his mentorship and guidance, which has enhanced my proficiency in my favorite pursuit.

Manas Zaveri

Finance | Morgan Stanley

Mumbai, Maharashtra


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Frequently asked questions

If you want to become a champion trader, this program is for you. We have people from all backgrounds – working professionals, homemakers, and business owners finding success with the program.

If you think that money should be doubled every month in the stock market, this course is not for you.

If you want to sit in front of a computer screen for more than 6 hours and do intraday trading, this is not for you. You can generate great returns with stock trading but if you believe only options trading can make you money, this is not for you. As per official reports, 9 out of 10 options traders are losing money. We believe in low-stress stock trading.

The industry is filled with unverified traders offering ineffective 2-day workshops, and promising success in trading. With us, you get to learn from a verified champion trader and that too for 24 months! This is simply unparalleled.

This program is ideal even for beginners. You get the Champion Trader Mentorship where you learn the concepts and the trading system in a very easy-to-learn manner.

Additionally, you get inside the inner circle where over 100 members are interacting daily with their charts and trades.

Lastly, live sessions with Mr. Afzal are of great help as you get to see him demonstrating his system live and ask him your questions.

Yes, the live sessions are recorded. We insist on attending them live. But if you miss them, you get 30 days to watch the replay.

Options are highly volatile and much riskier than stocks. It’s a misconception that options generate more returns. Stock trading has produced more proven winners and wealth over time compared to options trading primarily due to its simplicity, lower volatility, psychological ease, and lower time commitment. Though options may seem more appealing with the promise of higher returns, stocks pave a surer path to success for most traders.